What is happening: 
27 Jan 2020 Publications and team pages have been updated
15 Jan 2020 Workshop organized: Aleksey Vishnyakov organizes workshop "Molecular and mesoscale simulations for oil & gas" with participation of Skoltech faculty and researchers, invited acadeic researchers from other institutions and industrial researchers. Full program and presentations can be found here.
14 Jan 2020 Public event: Prof Gennady Gor invited by Aleksey Vishnyakov gives a seminar in a big room packed by Skoltech researchers, faculty and students. His presentation on adsorption deformation can be found here:
1 Nov 2019 PhD students joined: Andrew Olhin, Maria Larchenko, Xenia Kuzhamuratova joined the team as incoming PhD students
20 Oct 2019 Outreach event: Ilya Kopanichuk will spend the whole month of November in Cirius center in Sochi leading reasearch project for talented high school student from allover Russia
4 Oct 2019 PHD Defense: Research intern Ilya Kopanichuk defends his PhD thesis in St. Petersburg. You can read his thesis here. There is a full video of his presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhmbPmvzQN4
1Sep 2019 Conference organized: 1-day workshop "Stochastic processes and pattern formation" will be staged on 13th of September and chaired by Vladimir Palyulin. Full link
July 2019 Plenary lectures. Profs Nikolay V. Brilliantiov and Aleksey Vishnyakov present plenary talks at Colloids Conference in St Petersburg. Several poster presentations has also been presented by the team members
  Promotion: The team congratulates Vladimir Palyulin who has been promoted by CDISE to Assistant Professor position starting academic year 2019-202. Well deserved!
June  2019 Graduation time! the first AMS team student graduating with MSc degree in IT is Cosmos Daniel Ikpoba, who has succesfully defended his project on modeling mass transfer in complex porous media. Cosmos has a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering and from his native Nigeria to study applied math in Moscow. We wish him all success in his future endeavours.

4 Nov 2018 Funding obtained. RFBR awarded a new project. "Вязкоупругие свойства материалов и композитов из углеродных нанотрубок на основе многомасштабного моделирования" The PI is Prof. Brilliantov.
1 Nov 2019 PhD students join the team: Bruna Faria comes from Brasil to start her PhD studies at CDISE. Bruna has a MSc degree in Molecular Biology and has already authored several papers of simulations of biomacromolecules. At Skoltech she will be working on free energies of complex molecules and advised by Aleksey Vishnyakov
Alexander Osinsky joins the team as a PhD student advised by Prof. Brilliantov
14 Oct 2018 New member. Farid Taherkhani joins the team as a research scientist advised by A.Vishnyakov. Farid has a vast experience in various molecular simulation techniques
1-6 Jul 2018 Plenary lectures. N. Brilliantov and A. Vishnyakov give plenary presentations at Conference cluster "Solvation. Crystallization. Smart materials" and lectures at summer school for young scientists in Suzdal.
June 2018 Vladimir Palyulin joins the team as a research scientist advised by N. Brilliantov