Prof. Nikolay V. Brilliantov (D.Sc. Physics) -- Webpage CV
Statistical models of agglomeration
Rheology of structured fluid
Granular flows
Structure and rheology of polymer-surfactant solutions

Assoc. Res. Prof. Aleksey Vishnyakov (PhD Chemistry)  -- Website CV
Computational design of nanomaterials
Physics-informed machine learning
Molecular and mesoscopic simulations, statistical thermodynamics
Adsorption, adhesion, wettability in colloids and thin films

Mass and heat transport in porous media

Assisе. Prof. Vladimir Palyulin (PhD Physics)  -- Website
Statistical mechanics of ensembles of active particles
Modeling structure and properties of polymeric materials
Reaction kinetics

Research scientist George Ovchinnikov (PhD Mathematics) -- Website
Fast, efficient solutions of large systems of PDEs
Model order reduction and periodic steady state analysis

Res. Sci. Sergey Matveev (PhD Mathematics) -- Website
High-performance computations
Fast solvers for large systems of partial differential and integral equations
Population balance equations for colloid coagulation dynamic

Research intern ILYA KOPANICHUK (защитил диссертацию кхн в октябре 2019г.) -- Website
Molecular simulations of colloids
Phase equilibria prediction for complex molecules
Phase coexistence in porous media
A Tsukaov
Research scientist Alexey Tsukanov  -- Website Google Scholar
Active Matter
Research scientist Georgii Paradezhenko  -Research gate


bruna PhD student Bruna Faria (joined Nov 2018 -- advised by A. Vishnyakov) ResearchGate
Principles of computational design and optimization of molecular structures for particular applications
Simulation studies of biological macromolecules
  PhD student Andrew Olhin (joined Nov 2019 -- advised by A. Vishnyakov)
Lattice-Boltzmann simulatuions
Multiphase flows in porous media
Rheology of foams and dense emulsions
  PhD student Alexander Osinsky ( joined Nov 2018 -- advised by N.V. Brilliantov)
  PhD student Rasoul Kheiri  ( joined Nov 2018 -- advised by N.V. Brilliantov)
  PhD student Xenia Kuzhamuratova (joined Nov 2019 -- advised by N.V. Brilliantov)
  PhD student Maria Larchenko (joined Nov 2019 -- advised by V. Palyulin)
Reinforcement learning for active matter modeling